A girl who plays with a doll tries to get out of the doll house world through meeting the people in her doll house

She doesn't get used to communicate with the outside.
She decides to change herself who has still stayed inside of her saying the poor excuses.
I want to say about one's reflection process which affects her change.

Written and directed by Jung Yumi
Dubbing artist- O Hwakyoung
Editing- Jung Yumi, Kwon Hyukmin
Production design - Jung Yumi
Sound- Song Youngho, Jung Jisu
Coloring- Park Jungwon, Kim Eunyoung
Post Production- Kim Kihyun
Korean Academy of Film Arts Graduation Project

- Cannes 2009 Directors Fortnight (2009 France) Competition
- Hiroshima International Animation Festival (2006 Japan)
- Mise-en-scene’s genres film festival (2006 Korea) Best Film Award in Fantasy Section
- Jeonju International Film Festival (2006 Korea)
- Puchon International Student Animation Festival (2006 Korea) NH bank Award
- Seoul Independent Film Festival (2006 Korea)
- Taiwan International Animation Festival (2006 Taiwan) Competition
- Yokohama Student Film Festival (2006 Japan) Invitation
- Seoul International Women Film Festival (2006 Korea) New Currents
- SICAF (2006 Korea) Invitation
- Matita Film Festiva (2007 Italy) Invitation
- Interfilm Shortfilm Festival (2007 Germany) Invitation
- FRESH(A Festival of International Video Art & Short Film) (2007 Thailand) Invitation
- International Festival of Films for Children & Young adults (2007 Iran) Invitation