Eujin is busy solving problems during a math test. Suddenly, a kid jumps out of her head, ruining her concentration.

When I am at home alone, I sit silently and mull over many things. As I think, my brain fills with pointless worries and anxiety. That’s when I start to clean my room. As I clean busily, wash the dishes and do the laundry I’ve been putting off, my anxiety disappears naturally. Before I know it, the depression I thought would never end is gone. But I don’t think my worries are gone forever. Like the dust that will gather again where I’ve just cleaned up. I might find myself plunged, all of a sudden, into more anxiety I never even expected. Then I’ll make another effort and start cleaning up again.

Written and directed by Jung Yumi
Producer- Kim Kihyun
Editing- Jung Yumi, Kim Kihyun
Production design - Jung Yumi
Sound- Song Youngho
Foley artist- Ahn Kisung
Coloring- Park Jungwon

-Berlinale Shorts (2010 Germany) Competition
-Aspen Shorts (2010 USA) Competition
-Uppsala International Short Film Festival (2010 Sweden) Competition
-Cinematou International Animated Film Festival (2010 Swiss) Competition
-Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (2010 Brasil) Competition
-Milano International Short Film Festival (2010 Italy) Competition
-Encounters International Film Festival (2010 UK) Competition
-Expresion in Corto (2010 Mexico) Competition
-Calgary International Film Festival (2010 Canada) Invitation