In bed, late on a sleepless night in the depth of winter, Eujin finds a small dust kid. She decides to do the cleaning she has been putting off for so long. Cleaning every corner of her room, she keeps finding other dust kids here and there, and starts clearing them up one by one. Just when she thinks she has cleaned her room and the dust kids are all gone now, she comes face to face with another one…

When I am at home alone, I sit silently and mull over many things. As I think, my brain fills with pointless worries and anxiety. That’s when I start to clean my room. As I clean busily, wash the dishes and do the laundry I’ve been putting off, my anxiety disappears naturally. Before I know it, the depression I thought would never end is gone. But I don’t think my worries are gone forever. Like the dust that will gather again where I’ve just cleaned up. I might find myself plunged, all of a sudden, into more anxiety I never even expected. Then I’ll make another effort and start cleaning up again.

Written and directed by Jung Yumi
Editing- Jung Yumi, Kim Kihyun
Sound- Song Youngho
Coloring- Park Jungwon
Producer- Kim Kihyun
Typographer- Lee Gawon
Foley artist- Ahn Kisung

Video engineer- Jeon Daehyun, Ham Jongmin
Sound engineer- Park Dongjoo
Business team- Park Bokyung, Gown Myunghee, Choi Minjeong, Oh Seyoun

Digital film labs- Choi Jeongkon, Song Youncheol
Digital intermediate- O byunggeul, Yang Jeongchul
Optical transfer- Ju Hyunseong
Music- BACH Goldberg Variations BWV 988 Aria
Supported by SBA Seoul Animation Center

Choi Kyungjin, Kim Sooduk, Lee Hyungsuk,
Han Jinsik Ben Jackson, Kim Kyungho, Han Jinsik, Lee Jimi, Jung Inok

- Cannes 2009 Directors Fortnight (2009 France) Competition
- Hamptons International Film Festival (2009 USA) Best Shortfilm award (Golden Starfish award)
- Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival(2010 France) Lab Competition
- Mise-en-scene’s genres shortfilm festival (2009 Korea) Jury’s special Mention award
- Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival (2009 Portugal) Animation award
- Odense International Film Festival (2009 Denmark) Animation award
- Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Almer (2009 Spain) Best screenplay award
- Tabor Film Festival (2009 Croatia) Grand Prix of the festival award and Best animation award
- Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (2009 Korea) Best Korean Short film award
- Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (2009 Korea) Special Distinction award
-Indie-AniFest (2009 Korea) Special Distinction award
- Asiana International Short Film Festival (2009 Korea) Animation award
- Tokyo Anima Fair (2010 Japan) Special Distinction award
- Cinema Jove International Film Festival (2010 Spain) Jury’s special Mention award
- Daegu Independent Short Film Festival (2009 Korea) Special Distinction award
- ANIMADRID 09 (2009 Spain) Competition
- Seoul Christianity Film Festival (2009 Korea) Competition
- International Short Film Festival Winterthur 13th (2009 Switzerland) Competition
- Holland Animation Film Festival 2009 (2009 Netherland) Competition
- Calgary International Film Festival (2010 Canada) Competition
- Cinématou International Animated Film Festival (2010 Switzerland) Competition
- Badalona International Film Festival (2010 Spain) Competition
- CINEFIESTA (2010 Puerto Rico) Competition
- Ottawa International Animation Festival (2010 Canada) International Showcase screenings
- Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (2009 Hong Kong) Invitation
- Taipei Golden Horse Flim Festival (2009 Taiwan) Invitation
- Stockholm International Film Festival (2009 Sweden) Invitation